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Authentic Original Straight-Collared Jacket (Han and Tang Dynasties)

Authentic Original Straight-Collared Jacket (Han and Tang Dynasties)

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Introducing the authentic original straight-collared jacket with wide sleeves and twelve torn skirts - a beautiful Jin-made Hanfu designed for the modern women who appreciate the timeless elegance of Han and Tang Dynasties' fashion.

This summer style attire captures the essence of traditional Chinese clothing with its flowing, wide sleeves and intricate, torn skirt design, offering a perfect blend of comfort and style. Whether you're attending a cultural event, a summer stroll, or simply want to embrace an exquisite historical fashion, this Hanfu is the perfect choice. It's a stunning representation of the rich cultural heritage, beautifully reimagined for contemporary wearers. Embrace the grace and charm of ancient Chinese fashion with this remarkable Hanfu!

Han and Tang Dynasties



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