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Hanfu clothing

The term "hanfu" literally means "clothes of the Han". The Han/Han people (Chinese trad. 漢, ex. 汉, pinyin: Hàn) is what the Chinese themselves call themselves or, in other words, the largest part of the population of China.

From the very beginning of its history, Han clothing was made of silk and was invented by the Chinese Empress Leizhu during the reign of the Yellow Emperor Huang Di (Yellow Emperor) is the legendary ruler of China and a mythical character who is also considered the founder of Taoism and the ancestor of all Chinese. In the pantheon of the gods of Ancient China, he occupies far from the last place and is revered almost throughout this territory of the Celestial Empire.

Where to buy Hanfu

During the Shang Dynasty (1600 BC - 1000 BC), the hanfu took on its classic look: a narrow-cuffed, knee-length outer garment called "Yi/Yi" (Chinese: 衣) and a narrow, the ankle-length skirt is called "Chang" (Chinese: 裳). In those days, bright colors were most often used, especially green (note that not all colors were open at that time, which ones were brighter, they used them).

What is Hanfu made of?

About nine different types of fabrics could be used in the creation of this garment, such as: brocade, damask silk, cotton, yarn, dyed with environmentally friendly dyes from plant components. A distinctive feature of Hanfu is its transverse collar, right lapel and belt instead of buttons. Thanks to the flat pattern, clothes become wide and loose, and the wearer looks and feels comfortable.

Symbols and ornaments taken from the Chinese ritual traditions were also important for the creation of the Hanfu: it was with the help of them that the social status of those who wore the Hanfu was clearly delineated. The biggest difference was in the Hanfu for ritual events, the Taoist (monastic) Hanfu and the Hanfu of the emperor and officials. Usually the sun, the moon, elephants, tigers, dragons, birds were embroidered on clothes.

Hanfu Clothing

The garment has two lapels that cross at the front of the garment. This is called "Jiao Ling" (Crossed Collar), which is the main feature of almost all Asian national costumes. The order in which these two lapels overlap is very important. From the point of view of whoever the Hanfu is on, the intersection should always be on his/her right side, which is called "Yu Ren" (right front). Some ethnic groups in Asia have almost identical costumes to the Hanfu, but they prefer to overlap on the left side. Therefore, clothing style is an important symbol of differentiation and cultural identity. An easy way to recognize Hanfu is that its collar is shaped like a "Y" when viewed from the front of the dress.

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